"In Line We Sleep"

The world outside,
our doors in,
the faces we keep
among spaces we meet,
become sown by foul lines,
we breathe each hallway
the strong scent of chicken and greens,
shadows filled with nightwatchers
as they close in on our huddled apartments.
Suspicious.  Tedious.
The ones standing,
waiting for a polite conversation,
laughing children with Momma
in her wheelchair.
Cold night owls hawk angrily at each other,
dancers recording music
to their afternoon rehearsal.
Dear maidens,  crackheads, 
motions come and go out the door,
and we can all hear each other pray.
For life to start over,
for dreams to come true,
living amongst each other
without noticing
a shiny diamond
among the ruins.

7/11/16.        12:23. p. m.

Desert Hush

Her hushed guidance is what stills the moon,
catching the wolf in eternal gaze.
Light the fire into the night,
spring forward the windsongs,
to dance, to create in the vastness.
In the desert core we flourish;
in the excess of our busy lives,
we close our eyes and salute the owl.
We embark along the walls of the shrubs.
Do we care that it is in desperation
for our need to be alone?
To feel sacred?
To reach the past,
and heal the wounds?
It is there, and thoroughly recognized.

3-24-16. 4:50 p.m.

Live reading in Santa Monica, 4/15/16

Summer Escape

Let me sizzle under the molten sun, as I lie here covered in
sand, wind, and time that has seemed to erase from my vision.
An escape is where I am, a refuge into solitude.
Sun~tanned in all my naked glory.
This must be what God intended heaven  to be.
Friends among the sea, tamales ready for eating,
and the salty sea calls me further away.
I do not fear the  ocean’s depths, a home, really.
A plentiful abundance of fish and octopus,
divers spilling their gifts to share their adventures.
A cocktail on the beach waits for me with  a chorus of dolphins
playing  in the  distance. Romance? 
Adrenaline, that, too is here,
an opening day, a kiss on the  lips.

11:56 p.m.

L.A. Sights

I've stopped at my favorite coffee shop, surveying the scenes
that fly past the window;
people with hunger in their eyes, a need to replenish the fire.
That light that ignites them. It may be troubles, bills and sudden misfortunes, but I find the subtle
surprise of finding my friend
in that lost crowd.
That face that sticks out like a shiny penny on the ground.
We smile and talk together, and the world around us becomes still.
The buildings lure me into their
private fortress, majestic skylights of unparalleled beauty.
We listen to music, eat delicious food, and conversate of the next operation taking place.
The loneliness is filled with the Art depicted on the walls, the mood that somehow changes the scenery.
Here's to living in the City,
where we all become friends with the mood-changer, the hustler, the banker, walking down the street.
We all feel like family, at least until the daylight sun moves us to rock in it's charred heaviness.

11:40 a.m

(Live reading Nov. 23, 2015 at Pasadena Public Library: CLICK HERE)

Things I Notice

Livelihood among futile attempts to be free.
Engaged in monotones, in heavy languages
of the heart.
All in need of solace;
we stand in silence at discrepancy.
Oil paintings of bright faces,
with sad eyes highlighting a muse.
We all want to be,
where the action is,
where time escapes us into another dimension.
We want to go home, and yet, we are drawn
by the fire of the storm.
The very thunder that makes us noticed,
We are moving constantly, but wish
to climb faster.
We all want a break from all the death.
We want to hear good music;
we want to eat delicious food
as a sacred endulgence.
We all want to be happy,
but not enough of us knows how.
We know we deserve better,
so we wake up each morn,
sun rise,
and embrace each day with a new smile,
a new face..
For all to feel the awakening of an
ever-evolving spirit.

2-17-16.      7:39 p.m.

"Happy Birthday, Dear Rick!"

A Letter To Mom

Don’t let the world confuse you.
Don’t let the words take hold of you.
Don’t let the  distraction confuse you.
Upon the grassy land,
I ask you to  smile.
To greet the way the sunflower
greets the day.
Each move, fade away,
the anger no longer the fence
Be still for a moment.
Let your  precious heart cure the  skin,
the soul  you live in.
Count the times you saw each day,
make the nightmares go away.
Be the songbird you once were,
the artist, a child reborn.
Heaven celebrates you.
Your angels protect you,
as the nightowl sings you softly to sleep.

12:28 p.m.     

Dopis s mámou

Nenechte se zmást vás svět.
Nedovolte, aby slova chopí vás.
Nenechte se rozptylovat zmást.
Po travnatém pozemku,
Žádám vás, abyste usmívat.
Pozdravit způsob, jakým slunečnice
pozdraví den.
Každý tah, slábnout,
hněv již plot
Buď ještě na chvíli.
Nechte svůj drahocenný srdce léčit kůži,
duše žijete.
Spočítat časy jste viděli každý den,
aby se noční můry pryč.
Buď pěvec jsi kdysi byli,
umělec, dítě znovuzrozený.
Nebe tě oslaví.
Vaši andělé vás chránit,
jako noční sova vás zpívá tiše spát.